What’s Wrong with Tuukka?

It's been a rough start to the year for Number 40. Credit: bostonherald.com
It’s been a rough start to the year for Number 40.

Goaltending has always been a serious strength for the Boston Bruins from the legendary days of Tim Thomas to Tuukka Rask’s Vezina trophy season in 2013-14. While the defensive corps has gone through some serious growing pains, Rask hasn’t been himself and has been a liability for the Bruins early on in the season. The low point for Rask so far this season had to have been Wednesday night as he gave up 5 goals, including the overtime winner by Claude Giroux. To Tuukk’s defense, there wasn’t a goalie in the world that would’ve stopped that shot. In fact both of Giroux’s goals can’t be put on Rask as the other goal was off a misplay behind the net. However, Rask allowed three others that made you shake your head, not because they were easy but because Tuukka usually makes those saves. Some blame needs to be put on Rask who earns approximately $7 million annually and clearly isn’t playing up to his lofty contract. The Flyers first goal by Pierre-Edouard Bellemare (goal sequence starts at 0:43) was an awful play as Rask couldn’t make a simple glove save on a shot that had nothing on it, as a result Bellemare potted the rebound which gave the Flyers the early lead. Rask is lucky the Bruins offense has been off to such a torrid start or else the B’s could be off to a similar start as the Columbus Blue Jackets, who just lost their eighth straight game to open the season tying an NHL record. Clearly it is a mental issue as Rask has never had any issues with injuries, but his numbers should speak for themselves: 1-3-1 Record, .854 Save Percentage, 4.40 GAA(goal against average) and here’s the worst stat, 22 goals allowed in 5 games. The 28 year-old needs to find his game soon or else this season could get out of hand, if it already hasn’t.


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