More divisional games please!

You know what really grinds my gears?(No, not Peter Griffin) The NHL regular season schedule and the limited number of games against divisional opponents. Tonight the Bruins take on the Canadiens for the final time this season. Let that sink in for a minute. A few years back, the NHL made it a priority for each team to play every other team in the league twice.

Unknown copy
Thanks to the regular season schedule, the Bruins-Canadiens rivalry has simmered down significantly as they play fewer games against each other. Photo Credit:

Now, there are some people that enjoy watching the Bruins play teams like the Blackhawks and Blues 2 times a year, but with this new schedule it means the Bruins play teams like Montreal, Ottawa, Philadelphia and the Rangers, their rivals mind you, just 3 or 4 times. The NHL is all about division rivalries and I feel like this new system of the last few years has taken away from that. The Bruins would play the Canadiens often 6 times a year and now it’s cut down to 4(5 this year because of the Winter Classic). I understand the thought process behind playing every team in the league but come on now, everyone wants to see the Bruins and the Canadiens play as many games as possible.


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