Time is right for Bergeron to take over the captaincy for B’s

Drafted in 2003, Patrice Bergeron has been with the Bruins through everything, good and bad. Photo Creds: nesn.com

In the offseason following the lockout that had wiped out the entire 2004-05 season, the Bruins needed a new leader after the departure of Joe Thornton. Then new GM Peter Chiarelli realized this and brought in the biggest player to ever play in the NHL, Zdeno Chara. Chara has been the living definition of Bruins hockey for nearly a decade. He was one of the biggest reasons the Bruins were able to come back to prominence and win a championship. Opposing coaches and players feared him because of his size and ferocity and this helped the Bruins to be one of the best defensive groups in the league for a few years. But clearly over the last two season, Chara is on his last legs and he know longer is a player you can bank on to give you 25 good minutes. His skating ability is nearly gone and he is no longer a stable puck handler. More than that though it has seemed as though recently he’s been unable to get his troops ready to play. And as the captain it’s their job to make sure everyone is ready to play and knows their role and responsibility. This is in no way an attack on his character as he one of the model citizens in the entire league. However, for a Bruins team that has missed the postseason the last two seasons, they need a fire lit under their you-know-what. In my mind the perfect way to get that fire lit is to name Patrice Bergeron the captain. This team needs leadership more than most teams in the league and he would be the best option for this Bruins team. He is not only an extremely well-liked and respected individual in the B’s locker room, he is well-respected around the NHL. Some have called him the perfect Bruin and he definitely is on and off the ice. Another reason why this would be ideal is that there is another team in the league that did this last season and it led to a berth in the Stanley Cup Final. The San Jose Sharks stripped Joe Thornton of the captaincy last season and replaced him with Joe Pavelski and it helped the team play at a level they’d never played at before as they reached the Final for the first time in franchise history. If the Bruins change captains it may not pay off as well as it did in San Jose but it certainly would give this team a needed injection of energy. If the B’s make this move it would certainly signal a changing of the guard, but I have total faith Chara would be a real professional about it and wouldn’t let it get in the way of the team.


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