Time for B’s to move on from Julien

Statistically speaking, Claude Julien is the most successful coach in the history of the Boston Bruins with 413 career wins behind the bench. He led the B’s to seven consecutive playoff appearances from 2008 to 2014, with two Stanley Cup appearances as well(2011,2013), winning in 2011. But with the Bruins not having reached the playoffs the last two seasons and possibly going towards a third, his time has run out. I have been the biggest Claude supporter when people have called for his job, but clearly he is the common denominator with the B’s lack of recent success. Players have come and gone, a new GM has come in and new coaches have come in as well, but Julien has been the constant. In the last few years especially, it’s been very clear that the Bruins effort hasn’t been there on a consistent basis night in and night out. With essentially the same core of players like Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci, Brad Marchand, and Zdeno Chara, this shouldn’t be happening. The Bruins are a much better team than they’ve played like the last few years and it’s because Claude Julien has been here too long. Recently, when the team has had poor games he’s always the first to come out and criticize his team’s effort. If you haven’t noticed it’s been happening a lot and games like this still keep happening. It’s always evident after the Bruins build up some momentum from a home and a home sweep or a winning streak or a streak of good play and then lose a game like the one two nights ago in New Jersey or the embarrassing home loss to the Islanders a few weeks ago. The Bruins haven’t played with consistently for a very long time and I believe it’s time for the organization to move on from Claude. This team is in desperate need of a wake-up call and this action needs to be taken quickly if the B’s are to salvage their season. There’s still time and there’s still reason to believe a coaching change could help them make it to the postseason. Pittsburgh went on a tear that led to a Stanley Cup Championship last season due to a midseason coaching change. Not saying the Bruins could win the cup if they make this change but it certainly would give them a shot in the arm. I believe assistant coach Bruce Cassidy would be a good choice for an interm head coach given his experience in Providence and his success so far this season with the Bruins defense group as they have been stable to this point in the season. It would be someone the team is familiar with and someone I think the players would listen to. It might not be a perfect fix for this Bruins team but at this point, but the organization should be willing to try anything to get this team back on track.


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