Why dealing Brandon Carlo is a bad idea

The Bruins have been in trade rumors the last few weeks with the Colorado Avalanche about a possible trade involving a certain young defenseman that should be off limits under any circumstances. Brandon Carlo has arguably been the B’s most steady D man all season young and has been a main reason for the defense corps being an amazingly stable group. While his numbers may not be very impressive, three goals, six assists and a plus four plus/minus rating, his presence alone has made the Bruins a solid defensive team that has limited a lot of their mistakes in their own end this season. In my mind, it would be absurdly dumb to deal this kind of player who has almost single handedly stabilized a defensive group that appeared to be in shambles at the end of last season. He’s a player that commands nearly 20 minutes a night and being only 20 years old he has so much ahead of him which could include potentially improving his offensive game which isn’t too far off considering how good of a skater he is. The Bruins have searched for this type of defenseman for years and to finally get one and trade him away would be complete and utter nonsense. He has played in every single game this season furthering his value to this team. The Bruins were linked to Gabriel Landeskog a few weeks ago and while he is an exceptional talent who’s scored 20 goals in four of his first five years in the league, he’s not worth giving up arguably your best defenseman for. Yes offensively, the Bruins have been near the basement in terms of their efficiency but with the team already having done so much to improve an area that plagued them the last few seasons, it’s not worth it to make such a short-sighted decision that essentially puts the team back in the same position they were in the offseason. Yes, Charlie McAvoy will a star defender in this league there’s no doubt, but there’s no guarantee he’ll have as much of an impact defensively as Carlo has had. If you stop and think about the two of them playing together next season in Boston, you’ll agree with me that trading Brandon Carlo would be a colossal mistake.


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