Spooner, Bruins come to agreement

On the day of Ryan Spooner’s arbitration date, the Bruins and his camp came to an agreement on a one-year contract worth $2.825 million. Luckily, the B’s and Spooner were able to come to a deal before going into the arbitration hearing. Arbitration in any sport is extremely uncomfortable from any side and it certainly didn’t look like an agreement would be reached after both sides appeared far apart just a few days ago. 

The Bruins were only willing to offer Spooner $2 million while the 25 year-old’s representatives countered with $3.85 million. The eventual agreement was roughly the midway point between the two figures. Spooner is coming off an 11 goal, 28 assist campaign and really hasn’t shown the growth the Bruins have expected. Spooner had a good year two years ago with 13 goals and 36 assists but the lack of production this year really put the B’s in tough situations a few times this past year.

Spooner’s power play production the past two seasons is probably what kept him around but the Bruins brass really wants to see the young pivot improve his defensive game. If can add that to his unique skill set than he surely will see a nice pay rise next season but maybe not in Boston.


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